Industry Experts

  • Jean-Marie Aoustin
    Expertise mechanical engineer and business administrator, expert in international restructuring, industrial optimization, international expansion
    2010 – today Finatem
    2006 – today JMF Industries, France
    managing director
    1990 – 2006 RPA Process Technologies, France
    1985 – 1990 Hewlett-Packard, France
    board member
    1981 – 1984 Raytheon, USA
    R&D project manager
  • Wulf Backhaus
    Expertise real-time data management (analysis and controlling, risk management), investment management, ePayment (payment methods in the internet), innovative eBusiness entertainment solutions, internet and software entrepreneur
    2013 – today Finatem
    2010 – today Ytrail Solutions JLT, Dubai, UAE,
    CEO, founder
    2007 – today investment management of private investments
    2003 – 2007 Enterpayment AG, Wiesbaden, Germany
    COO, founder
    2001 – 2003 camPoint AG, Wiesbaden, Germany
  • Kurt Gieseler
    Expertise automotive industry, consumer goods, restructuring, financing, controlling, IT projects SAP and networks, international financial reporting (IFRS), due diligence
    2014 – today Finatem
    2014 – today Herzog Beteiligungs GmbH und Herzog GmbH
    managing director CFO
    2007 – 2013 Stamptec Holding GmbH
    voestalpine Stamptec GmbH, Dettingen an der Erms
    voestalpine Stamptec Schmölln GmbH
    managing director CFO
    2002 – 2007 Gutbrod Stanz- u. Umformtechnik GmbH, Dettingen an der Erms
    Gutbrod Schmölln GmbH, Schmölln
    managing director CFO
    1996 – 2002 Elco Klöckner Heiztechnik GmbH, Hechingen
    finance, controlling, IT and customer service - invoicing
    proxy holder
    1994 – 1996 Electrolux Deutschland GmbH, Siegen
    division manager controlling household appliances Germany
    operational execution and implementation of key services of the Electrolux group regarding real estate, leasing, financing and IT
    proxy holder
    1974 – 1994 Zanker GmbH, Tübingen
    director business administration finance, controlling, IT, insurances
    proxy holder
  • Dr. Axel Horstmann
    Expertise foundation and incorporation of companies and development of business fields, acquisition of stock and investment controlling in energy and traffic, public sector business promotion and corporate financing, public-private partnerships and project management in regulated markets
    2013 – today Finatem
    2010 – today S/E/ Strategie und Ergebnisse GmbH, partner

    Techno-Physik Engineering GmbH, member of the advisory board
    2006 – 2010 EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, corporate representative
    1995 – 2006 German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, member of parliament and minister (last Minister of Transport, energy and regional planning),
    member of the advisory board of the Investitionsbank NRW
    1991 – 1995 DetCon GmbH, investments and shareholdings, speaker of the management and shareholder representative in the investment companies

    GILDE GmbH, technology and start-up centre, chairman of the supervisory board
    1990 – 1995 Sparkasse Detmold [savings bank], management board and chairman of the credit committee
    1986 – 1995 Stadt Detmold [Detmold City], economic development officer, city treasurer and city director
  • Fritz-Wilhelm Krüger
    Expertise general industrials & engineering (hydraulic platform lifts & lift engineering), automobile suppliers (armatures, fittings, panels, interior linings), medical diagnostics, consumer electronics, consulting services, finance, administration, controlling, reorganisation, restructuring, international growth, corporate sales
    2000 – today Finatem
    2012 – today MBB Palfinger GmbH
    advisory board
    2008 – 2011 MBB Palfinger GmbH
    managing director also after sale of MBB to Palfinger in late 2007
    2002 – 2007 MBB Liftsystems AG
    board member, then managing director after change in legal form
    1999 – 2001 Erich Jaeger GmbH
    managing director also after its sale
    1995 – 1999 Erich Jaeger GmbH
    managing director after MBI
    1989 – 1994 Lignotock Group
    in charge of the corporate restructuring as CFO
    1982 – 1989 Control Data
    managing director finance and administration
    1978 – 1982 Memorex
    director finance and administration
    1973 – 1977 Arthur Andersen & Co
    manager accounting and administration
  • Roland Lacher
    Expertise mechanical engineering, new technologies, research & development, engineering, production, restructuring, new business development, strategic acquisitions
    2010 – today Finatem
    2006 – 2011 Singulus Technologies AG, Kahl am Main
    chairman of the supervisory board
    1995 – 2006 Singulus Technologies AG, Kahl am Main
    1984 – 1995 Leybold AG, Hanau
    division director
    1982 – 1983 WIBAU AG, Gelnhausen
    member of the managing board/CTO
    1977 – 1981 Passavant AG, Aarbergen
    head of research & development and engineering
  • Bernd Lattemann
    Expertise automotive supply industry, general machineries, sales, production, general management, restructuring measures, business development, international expansion
    2000 – today Finatem
    2002 Collins & Aikman Europe
    president and consultant in the European acquisition strategy
    1999 – 2002 independent management consultant
    1996 – 1999 Becker Group
    CEO, responsible for the restructuring and business development up to the sale to Johnson Control International
    1967 – 1996 SKF Group
    executive director SKF Göteborg (General-Bearing Division),
    chairman of the management of SKF Bearings - Service Central Europe GmbH,
    chairman of the management of Seeger Group
  • Günter Nahs
    Expertise management consulting, tax consulting, auditing, consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises, basic industry & chemicals, company founding and development
    2000 – today Finatem
    1966 – 2000 Arthur Andersen, Frankfurt
    senior partner (partner since 1980)
    founding of the division small and medium-sized enterprises in Frankfurt
    overall coordination of the German division for small and medium-sized enterprises with a staff of 300
    1961 – 1964 Mobil Oil
  • Dr. Ing. Ludolf Plass
    Expertise international chemical engineering and plant construction (research & development, technology development, sales), development and implementation of large-scale projects (industries: mineral oil, chemistry, energy, environmental protection, biofuel), restructuring, mergers & acquisitions
    2010 – today Finatem
    1969 – 2009 Lurgi GmbH
    senior vice president (retired)
    Dipl. Ing. Mechanical Engineering
    Dr. Ing. Chemical Engineering

    restructuring of various companies, mergers, strategic acquisitions, sales such as e.g. the acquistion of Lentjes AG and GEA AG by Metallgesellschaft AG, sale of Lurgi Metallurgy GmbH, sale of Lurgi GmbH to Air Liquide SA

    member of the board of directors / chairman of the supervisory and advisory boards of various international enterprises of the Lurgi group and other companies
  • Jörg Pretzel
    Expertise fast moving consumer goods, retail, healthcare, eCommerce, logistics, general management, marketing, sales, joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, innovation management
    2010 – today Finatem
    2003 – today GS1 Germany GmbH
    managing director, member in GS1 management board operating worldwide
    1997 – 2003 Herlitz PBS AG and Uvex GmbH
    managing director marketing and sales
    1981 – 1996 A.C. Nielsen GmbH
    finally managing director central europe and vice president of sales
  • Mathias Seidler
    Expertise general industrials & consumer products, paper & print, health care, marketing, restructuring, strategical realignment, business development, IPO, group integration, mergers & acquisitions
    2013 – today Finatem
    2001 – today Derby Cycle Group
    managing director,
    chairman of the board of directors
    1995 – 2001 Herlitz AG
    managing director paper products, head of marketing,
    head of category management
    1990 – 1995 Beiersdorf AG
    division manager dermatology, Beiersdorf UK,
    product manager pH5-Eucerin
  • Volker M. Stauch
    Expertise automobile industry, logistics, corporate development in the fields of process and quality management, innovations and market introductions, cost management, internationalization
    2012 – today Finatem
    2012 – 2013 founded own company in the field of hazardous materials logistics
    managing director
    2011 – today free-lance tuition (honorary professor at the KIT – Karlsruhe), social assignments and consulting services
    1978 – 2010 Mercedes Benz AG
    board member for the division of powertrain production at Mercedes Car Group,
    senior vice president aggregates / components,
    management spokesman and plant manager,
    member of the supervisory board "Toll Collect",
    director of customer services for passenger cars and new vehicles worldwide,
    director of customer services and sales networks passenger cars worldwide,
    head of production planning sales,
    assistant to the board member of the passenger car division / chief department manager for the management board office,
    department manager assembly of compact passenger cars,
    assistant production preparation,
  • Felix Sulzberger
    Expertise consumer goods industry (apparel, footwear, sports), global markets, general management, branding and marketing, sales, finance, operations, restructuring
    2000 – today Finatem
    2001 – today Calida, Switzerland
    CEO in charge of reorganisation and implementation of subsequent acquisition strategy
    2001 Reebok International
    senior vice president and general manager, Europe
    2000 Enox
    CEO of own MBI company
    1997 – 1999 Fruit of the Loom
    president Europe and executive officer
    1976 – 1997 Levi Strauss and Philip Morris
  • Konstantin Winterstein
    Expertise Automotive industry and tier 1 suppliers, industrial high-volume series production and lean management
    2014 – today Finatem
    2014 – today H.P.I. Holding AG
    Managing Director, COO
    2011 – today Clariant SE
    Member of the Board of Directors
    1997 – 2014 BMW AG
    last: Project manager supply chain consulting
  • Tom Graf
    Expertise automotive supply industry and the car manufacturing industry, mechanical engineering, textile industry
    restructuring and change management, corporate strategy, corporate finance, M&A, controlling systems
    2015 – today Finatem
    2012 – 2014 Fehrer Gruppe
    2008 – 2012 OYSTAR Holding
    1999 – 2008 hde Solutions
    1997 – 1999 Carradon Heating
    1995 – 1997 Deutz Fahr
    1991 – 1994 Textilgruppe Hof AG
    1985 – 1990 Helsa Werke