Investment Process

All investment decisions are made swiftly and transparently by the partners in Frankfurt
Decision-making process
Each investment is monitored by at least two partners and one industry expert throughout all stages of investment. This transaction team prepares the investment proposal, will work on the transaction through to its conclusion and supports the further development of the company.

The investment decision is taken by the investment commitee, which comprises the five partners and is advised by our industry experts.

Due diligence
Prior to an investment, we carry out full checks on the company known as due diligence. This is carried out in conjunction with well-respected lawyers, auditors and market specialists with longtime experience in SME's.

For us, the due diligence provides not simply an instrument for identifying risks, but also a general review of all aspects of the company. The results of which can be used as the basis for subsequent strategic decisions.

Post-investment development
The company's daily business and administration are run solely by its management team. Finatem supports its portfolio companies in essential business decisions during the entire period of investment and contributes its experience in major issues.

Limited-period partnership
At the end of a successful collaboration, the realization of our investment is of key importance to us and our partners. Exit routes may include:

  • trade sale
  • management buy-out (MBO)
  • secondary buy-out
  • stock-market launch (IPO)

Apart from meeting financial targets, we aim to identify exit routes that offer sound long-term prospects for the future development of each company and its workforce. Whatever the final form of exit, we recognize that the successful sale of an investment shall only take place after discussions with all parties involved. As a matter of principal we take into account all appropriate interests when taking important decisions.